Webinar Recap: How Enterprises Achieve Rapid Development through Cloud Transformation in the Global Digitalization Wave?
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Global end-user spending on public cloud services was expected to rise by 18.4% to $304.9 billion in 2021, according to Gartner's latest forecast. By 2024, it was expected that the cloud would account for 14.2% of the global enterprise IT spending market, which was a 9.1% increase from 2020. The cloud technology revolutionized the IT service landscape by offering virtualization, elastic deployment, and efficient response. Enterprises that embraced cloud transformation could reduce costs, increase efficiency, and drive continuous innovation in their traditional businesses.

CypressTel, in collaboration with China Mobile International and Google Cloud, organized a live webinar to provide insights on how enterprises could leverage cloud transformation for rapid development in the global digitalization wave. Google Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise intelligence transformation tools, including Google Cloud, Search Engine, Marketing Platform, and Workspace, to meet the infrastructure requirements of globalized enterprises in terms of IT platform deployment, marketing promotion, and globalized office needs. In particular, Google Cloud was one of the most extensive, modern, stable, and secure public cloud platforms. It efficiently supported the deployment of cloud workloads for global enterprise customers. Its flagship products, such as BigQuery, Machine Learning, and Cloud AI, were leading the way in global data processing and artificial intelligence. Additionally, Google Cloud's widely distributed submarine cable systems provided superior performance in cloud networking compared to other cloud vendors. Google Cloud was a reliable choice for enterprises expanding into global markets.

mCloud was an innovative cloud-internet convergence platform launched by China Mobile International that aimed to assist enterprises in migrating to the cloud, achieving business expansion and entry into the Chinese market, ensuring secure and compliant connections, and facilitating seamless cloud adoption for global enterprises. mCloud integrated multi-cloud services, online management, ordering, and billing functions. Leveraging its robust global network resources and collaborating with consulting and technology partners like CypressTel, it provided cloud-network services such as cloud connectivity, SD-WAN, CDN, application acceleration, and intelligent remote office gateways. These services catered to the digital transformation needs of enterprises in terms of cloud architecture, global deployment, and multi-cloud connectivity.

As a partner of Google Cloud, CypressTel possessed extensive experience in cloud architecture design and cloud operations and management services. Leveraging Google Cloud and its flagship products, CypressTel helped clients build cloud-native application foundations, enabling rapid global business expansion and deployment. Additionally, CypressTel assisted enterprises in saving up to 30-40% of IT infrastructure expenditure and up to 50% of unnecessary IT personnel expenses in cloud selection, utilization, management, and optimization. With the collaboration of Google Cloud and China Mobile International, CypressTel provided fast, secure, and reliable global cloud infrastructure and interconnection services to enterprises expanding into global markets.

CypressTel provided end-to-end services, including consulting, design, deployment, migration, and operational management, throughout the enterprise cloud adoption journey. CypressTel helped clients build cloud-based solutions, migrate inefficient legacy IT systems, and provide managed services based on best practices to enhance the security and reliability of their IT systems. The company continued to maintain a strong partnership with Google Cloud and CMI, jointly promoted the development of the cloud ecosystem, and offered customers a more diverse range of products and services.

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