Accelerate the cloud transformation of the manufacturing industry
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Enterprise digital transformation is not a simple project, but a continuous improvement process. In order to meet the urgent needs of customers, we will solve customer problems, improve business performance and expand business income with the maximum cost performance and the shortest time.


Company A provides quality testing services to manufacturing customers worldwide, with more than 1000 employees in A global laboratory and offices in the United States and other cities in Asia.  The original IT system of the company was developed and used by the enterprise IT team, but the system broke down for several times, which brought huge economic losses.  CypressTel has tailored the solution based on the customer's needs and current situation. It is developed in three steps according to the business priority:



Deploy the customer's existing IT systems to the Google Cloud and provide hosted services. After the enterprise goes to the cloud, one is to solve the problem of frequent system collapse caused by old infrastructure, which greatly improves the stability and expansibility of IT system. Second, the data disaster standby mechanism on Google Cloud is utilized to greatly protect the data security; The third is to use the SD-WAN network provided by CypressTel to greatly improve the quality of communication between the company's headquarters, branches and laboratories around the world.



Establish a unified digital platform, and with multiple public platform (WeChat, LinkedIn, sets, etc.) through the API, a unified scheduling and distribution of the message and follow up the response, and customer service system and the functions of the system of work order, improve the user experience, improve customer loyalty, increase business opportunities, internal standard internal work processes.



Build an intelligent analysis platform. In the process of testing toys, clothes, food, medicines and other substances, Company A obtains A large amount of data. We recommend that our customers use intelligent analytics platforms to precisely mine and link analytics data. On the one hand, we can use big data precision marketing to efficiently mine new customers and lock in existing customers.On the other hand, it can guide business decisions in the field of industry, such as guiding manufacturing users to choose new raw materials and improve the old manufacturing process, so as to expand new sources of business income and provide unlimited imagination space for enterprises to solve problems and expand business income.


CypressTel helps customers achieve digital transformation, connecting management, sales, production, finance and other aspects of the enterprise to improve the production process, adjust the production structure, improve efficiency and product quality.With the support of the new generation of information technology, new vigor and vitality burst forth, enabling enterprises to "create cloud intelligence".

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