[News] Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications alumni from Shenzhen and Hong Kong visited CypressTel to explore development opportunities in the digital GBA.
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A group of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications alumni from Shenzhen and Hong Kong visited CypressTel to discuss the development opportunities of the digital Greater Bay Area. CypressTel's CEO, Connee Zhang, Assistant General Manager, Gigi Zhang, and Product Deputy Director, Jak Shi warmly received the alumni. They visited CypressTel's Shenzhen branch where they were introduced to the company's research capabilities, global deployments, and multilingual after-sales service system in the fields of communication network technology, SD-WAN, and network security, SASE.

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The alumni and CypressTel representatives shared and exchanged ideas on the development and collaboration in the communication field of the Greater Bay Area, aiming to further explore and promote enterprise digital transformation. They discussed the prospects and challenges of SD-WAN and SASE technologies based on their own field expertise and practical experiences.


SD-WAN and SASE are key technologies in today's enterprise network infrastructure and are rapidly developing and gaining widespread attention in the industry. SD-WAN utilizes software-defined management and orchestration of enterprise networks, providing more stable and reliable network connections while optimizing network traffic and load balancing. SASE integrates security and network functions into one, securing and managing network traffic on cloud and edge devices, offering secure and reliable network access for enterprises.


Shi Jiankun, the Product Deputy Director of CypressTel, shared application cases of "Promoting the Development of SD-WAN/SASE and Accelerating the Driving Force of Enterprise Digitalization." He highlighted the application scenarios of CypressTel's SD-WAN global networking and SASE data security products in the global deployment of Chinese smart manufacturing companies, emphasizing their rapid deployment and quick launch capabilities. He also shared CypressTel's future plans and research directions in these areas.


The event was a great success and it is believed that through such exchanges and collaborations, the development of technologies such as SD-WAN and SASE will be further promoted, providing stronger momentum for enterprise digital transformation and making greater contributions to China's technological progress and economic development.

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