[News] CypressTel has announced a strategic partnership with Sangfor Technologies
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Cypress Telecom Limited ("CypressTel") and Sangfor Technologies ("Sangfor") signed a strategic cooperation agreement on February 1st, officially establishing a national strategic partnership. The signing ceremony was attended by Connee Zhang, CypressTel's CEO, and Li Wentao, Vice President and General Manager of Security Business at Sangfor. They both represented their companies in signing the agreement and held discussions to deepen the comprehensive strategic cooperation.


Given the increasing demand for digital transformation in enterprise networking, network security, and operations and maintenance management, both parties will adopt a "collaborative product research, development, and marketing" model. They will engage in comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in cloud-network integration, SASE security, and cloud computing. This collaboration will involve joint product research, solution development, collaborative operations, and coordinated marketing efforts. It will further leverage the leadership advantages of both parties to build an integrated "cloud-network-security" solution, accelerate the development of the network service and Cybersecurity market, and assist global enterprise users, including foreign-invested companies in China and Chinese companies expanding overseas, in reshaping their network security boundaries.


Connee Zhang, CypressTel's CEO, said, "Sangfor, a leading network security vendor in China, possesses excellent technical capabilities and extensive industry experience in enterprise-level network security, cloud computing, IT infrastructure, data communication, and the IoT. CypressTel, as a next-generation Telecommunication service provider, will further integrate our technical advantages and industry resources, creating greater competitive synergy and jointly building a new benchmark for the cloud-network-security ecosystem cooperation. We will empower businesses' digital transformation and continuously develop new momentum in the industry."

CypressTel is a network service provider with over 16 years of experience. It has developed strong SD-WAN technology, robust computing capabilities, and exceptional user experience. CypressTel focused on SD-WAN as early as 2017 and invested heavily in self-developed SD-WAN. This helped it establish a competitive advantage, gain significant market share in the SD-WAN field, and build a positive user reputation. With headquarters in Hong Kong and subsidiaries and offices in cities such as Los Angeles, London, Singapore, and Tokyo, CypressTel serves key markets in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and mainland China. It has 100+ PoPs, network coverage in 300+ cities globally, and serves 7,600+ customers worldwide.


Sangfor is committed to supporting digital transformation for enterprises in various industries, with two primary businesses in cyber security and cloud & infrastructure. In the field of SASE, Sangfor was the first to launch a SASE solution in China in September 2020 and released the SASE 3.0 version in 2022. Through authentic cloud-native architecture, high-reliability SLA, and a complete security stack, Sangfor provides users with a comprehensive and optimal SASE service in China. Sangfor has deployed nearly 40 PoPs worldwide, ensuring a local access experience with an up to 99.95% availability rate, and has provided comprehensive security services to 6,000+ users in finance, education, operator, internet service, and retail industries.

Li Wentao, Vice President and General Manager of Security Business at Sangfor, expressed his confidence in the strategic cooperation between the two companies. He acknowledged CypressTel as a leading brand in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide and an industry benchmark in China. Li Wentao praised CypressTel's unique advantages, such as a robust global backbone network, diverse operator resources, and continuous research and development innovation capabilities. He believes that the strategic partnership between CypressTel and Sangfor has a lot of potential and hopes to establish a more diversified and multi-layered cooperation mechanism based on complementary advantages, resource sharing, and mutual benefit. Together, the two companies aim to expand the scope of focus areas, carry out a wide range of cooperative projects, accelerate project implementation, and actively explore possibilities for future collaboration.

This cooperation represents a significant milestone for the strategic partnership between both parties, signifying a shared vision of alignment in development concepts and strategic direction. It will help enhance the industry competitiveness of both parties in networking and security, promote the integration of technologies such as network services, Cybersecurity, and cloud computing with various industry applications, and achieve a strong alliance and win-win cooperation.

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