[Case Study] CypressTel Enhances Customer Experience for Optoelectronics Company with Integrated Network and SD-WAN Solutions
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The customer is a well-known optoelectronics company with 15 locations in Hong Kong and Mainland China. They rely heavily on their network to connect their headquarters, research and development center, and other branches for daily operations. However, they faced many issues with their previous infrastructure, which CypressTel helped them to solve with their turnkey solution.

Business Challenges

  • Lack of resiliency in last mile connections, which caused service interruptions

  • Inconsistent performance in cross-border connections, resulting in periodic packet drops and long latency

  • Unstable access to mission-critical applications due to ineffective bandwidth consumption and non-prioritization of latency-sensitive traffic

  • Lack of visibility into network utilization, with an unfriendly monitoring tool and no reporting capabilities


CypressTel's unique solution addressed these problems.

  • Cost-effective high resiliency access solution with dual SDWAN edge devices and dual internet lines

  • High speed and secure cross-border network with CypressTel's extensive presence in China

  • Easy connection to public cloud through CypressTel's existing connections to Alibaba cloud in China

  • Network usage optimization with intelligent engines at customer edge to manage priority of mission-critical applications and control different applications to use hybrid WAN accesses

  • Batch provisioning and full network visibility with a graphical GUI-based centralized management portal that enables network monitoring personnel to have full visibility into network utilization and key performance parameters.



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