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Step into 2024 and witness a year full of groundbreaking technological advancements and innovations. CypressTel is committed to staying ahead of the curve and providing innovative network and security solutions. 

Looking back on our journey in 2023, we celebrated our 15th anniversary, marking a path filled with growth, achievements, and remarkable milestones. Over the years, we have consistently pushed boundaries and developed our core capabilities in product development while partnering with leading global vendors.

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Message from our CEO

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In 2023, our business underwent significant expansion by introducing innovative products. This led to us being recognized for providing exceptional solutions. As we look forward to 2024, we are excited about exploring new opportunities, achieving breakthroughs, and contributing towards global connectivity and the linkage between China and the rest of the world. These efforts will drive our growth and lead to further success. 

― Connee Zhang

Remarkable Growth and Innovation in 2023

Company Update


New cutting-edge solution – SASE

CypressTel has introduced a SASE solution to meet the growing need for security solutions during the digital transformation era. This solution combines security and networking capabilities, offering a robust and secure network infrastructure for enterprises to access network resources and applications from anywhere. With over 100 PoPs worldwide, including 3 SOCs and 2 NOCs, we are committed to providing reliabe and secure solutions to customers.

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Expanding Data Center Footprint

CypressTel is presently boosting its data center resources globally with a carrier-class Tier III+ Telecommunication infrastructure standard. This expansion will escalate their overall capacity while improving security and environmental sustainability. With more than 30 data centers worldwide, CypressTel collaborates with resources in Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland China, the Americas, and Europe, providing long-term benefits and support for digital transformation. Learn more>

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In 2023, CypressTel had a productive year and expanded its presence in the industry by participating in several key events. We took part in leading conferences and exhibitions like PTC in the USA, Capacity Asia in Singapore, and the 5th SD-WAN & SASE Summit in China. These opportunities allowed us to connect with peers and partners in the industry, demonstrate our expertise, and stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies. CypressTel was committed to continuous growth, innovation, and collaboration within the telecommunications and networking ecosystem.


Award & Recognition

CypressTel has received numerous awards that recognize its achievements, including the "2023 Most Valuable SD-WAN & SASE Brand Award" (2023年度最具价值SD-WAN&SASE品牌奖), the annual outstanding hybrid cloud case study award (年度混合云优秀案例), and being named in the Top 10 China Global Accelerated Network Enterprises (2023中国全球加速网络企业Top10). We have also achieved significant awards such as the "Guangdong Province Famous High-Tech Product" certification (广东省名优高新技术产品证书) for our SD-WAN solutions, SD-WAN Ready 2.0 Certification, and inclusion in the "SD-WAN Industry Map (2023)" (SD-WAN产业图谱(2023年)). These awards demonstrate CypressTel's commitment to excellence and innovation in the global telecommunication industry. Furthermore, CypressTel is a Partner Unit of the "CCSA TC621" (算网融合产业及标准推进委员会伙伴单位), which acknowledges our excellent and advanced network solutions for developing the edge computing industry and standard.


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