[Award] CypressTel received the "2023 Most Valuable SD-WAN & SASE Brand Award"
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CypressTel, a global expert in SD-WAN and multi-cloud management, was awarded the "2023 Most Valuable SD-WAN & SASE Brand Award" at the 6th SD-WAN & SASE Conference and Cloud Network Conference in Beijing. The conference aimed to promote exchanges and discussions on SD-WAN, SASE, cloud networking, and other technologies and solutions. CypressTel's leading position in the industry, high market recognition, and strong brand influence in the SD-WAN and SASE fields were recognized through the award.


CypressTel is dedicated to continuous innovation in the SD-WAN field and its SD-WAN+SASE architecture is a testament to that. The comprehensive architecture combines the wide area network capabilities of SD-WAN with the cloud network security capabilities of SASE, fully meeting the needs of flexible network deployment and secure access for enterprises. It ensures secure, smooth and anytime, anywhere business access, while allowing for flexible subscription and elastic scalability, thus saving business costs.


CypressTel has provided innovative integrated solutions for global networking and security in the education industry. Using the SASE cloud security framework, the company delivers complete security capabilities as a service in the cloud. By deploying SD-WAN CPE devices or lightweight software terminals at company and training institution exits, network traffic is directed to nearby secure service POP nodes. The security service modules deployed on these POP nodes provide internet security, network deployment, and centralized security management for companies and training institutions, enabling unified security operation and management.


CypressTel's services provide several benefits that can help businesses in various ways. These benefits include:

  • Reduced IT costs and complexity
    CypressTel's edge security service enables businesses to dynamically allow or deny connections based on their own rules. This simplifies independent functions such as SWG and ZTNA, reducing IT complexity and costs.

  • Excellent user experience
    CypressTel's service optimizes network connections through SD-WAN and high-quality networks, intelligently manages user connections, and directly connects to cloud applications and services for minimal latency and optimal bandwidth, resulting in an exceptional user experience.

  • Reduced security risks
    CypressTel's service offers a unified security protection by integrating security as a fundamental function in the model's structure. This ensures the detection and protection of all connections, regardless of the user's location or the applications they access. As a result, the security risks are effectively reduced.

  • Unified integration
    CypressTel offers a comprehensive security solution that integrates all key security services, including SWG, CASB, ZTNA, FWaaS, Cloud DLP, CSPM, and CBI, into one unified platform.

  • Flexible subscription
    CypressTel's service-based delivery eliminates the need to purchase traditional security devices, allowing for on-demand subscription to security services and greater flexibility.

CypressTel has successfully deployed security solutions in multiple global locations, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, London, and Munich. The company offers tailored solutions to clients across various industries like telecommunications, internet, finance, insurance, high-end manufacturing, new energy, commerce, logistics, education, real estate, and hospitality. CypressTel helps enterprises speed up their digital transformation and upgrade their systems.

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