[Award] CypressTel was honored to receive the "Outstanding Case Study in SDN, NFV, and Network AI in China 2022" award.
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CypressTel was honored to receive the "Outstanding Case Study in SDN, NFV, and Network AI in China 2022" award. The event was organized by the SDN/NFV/AI Standards and Industrial Development Committee (SDN/NFV/AI标准与产业推进委员会). It aimed to showcase successful commercial deployment cases from the past year, share valuable industry experiences, and contribute to the development of a solid foundation for the digital economy. The event also aimed to accelerate the adoption of next-generation ICT technologies such as SDN, NFV, and network AI, enabling various industries and establishing a robust and intelligent digital information infrastructure that is fast, integrated, cloud-based, intelligent, environmentally friendly, and secure.

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In this event, after two rounds of preliminary and final evaluations, 8 Best Practice Cases, 10 Excellent Practice Cases, and 14 Innovative Practice Cases were selected. CypressTel's submission, titled "Innovative Case Study: SD-WAN Integrated Optimization Solution for an Insurance Company," received the "Innovative Practice Case Award." This recognition reflects the industry's full recognition of CypressTel's technical leadership and business maturity in the SDN/NFV/AI domain.

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The case study focused on a scenario where a traditional MPLS VPN network was replaced with an SD-WAN solution due to high costs, long deployment cycles, complex onboarding of new services, limited architecture compatibility, and low visibility. By leveraging SD-WAN, the customer's distributed network was simplified, resulting in improved operational efficiency, enhanced application performance, and strengthened data security. The deployment of SD-WAN across 40+ company branches nationwide led to more efficient network bandwidth utilization, improved application experience, increased security, and simplified network management.

SD-WAN, as a new network architecture, utilizes cloud computing, virtualization, and intelligent routing technologies to provide flexible, reliable, and secure enterprise network connectivity. It offers lower network interconnectivity costs, higher network reliability, enhanced security through the adoption of the Chinese national encryption algorithm SM4, improved network utilization through intelligent path selection, and simplified network management through visualization.

CypressTel's SD-WAN solution empowers enterprises with flexible, reliable, secure, and efficient network connectivity, providing robust support for their business development. Being recognized as an "Innovative Practice Case Award" reinforces CypressTel's commitment to driving the development of SDN, NFV, edge computing, autonomous networks, SDN/NFV security, and other related industries in China, thereby enabling the digital transformation of various sectors with the power of ICT technologies.

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