[Award] CypressTel received the "Industry Contribution Award" at the 5th SD-WAN & SASE Summit in 2023
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On March 11, 2023, the 5th SD-WAN & SASE Summit was hosted in Beijing. The summit aimed to promote the development of SD-WAN & SASE technology and create a more open and collaborative network innovation ecosystem. The event brought together academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, telecom operators, SD-WAN and SASE ecosystem companies, internet firms, equipment manufacturers, universities, research institutions, and industry users to discuss outstanding project practices and the latest technological advancements of SD-WAN & SASE in various vertical industries such as government and enterprises, finance, retail, energy, healthcare, autonomous driving, and audio-video.

CypressTel was invited to the summit, where Mr. Jak Shi, the Associate Product Director of CypressTel, delivered a keynote speech titled "Integrating ICT Infrastructure for Unified Cloud-Network Security Management." He shared that CypressTel's design and operation service philosophy based on the ICT infrastructure and the unified cloud-network security management platform simplifies IT operation and maintenance by eliminating the need for multiple platform switches. Our One2C Global cloud platform integrates multiple platforms, provides multi-dimensional visualization interfaces, and offers a comprehensive view of the entire ICT architecture's operational status.

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During the summit, Mr. Jak Shi highlighted three key solutions provided by CypressTel. 

The first solution is the OneWAN (SASE) Secure Networking Solution. CypressTel's self-developed SD-WAN product integrates multiple security service components, allowing seamless transition from SD-WAN networking to the SD-WAN (SASE) secure networking solution. This solution provides several security functions, including Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), internet behavior management, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Secure Web Gateway (SWG). It significantly enhances network security for enterprises and reduces operational complexity through centralized management and maintenance with SASE.

The second solution is the OneWAN (MEC) Cloud-Network Convergence Solution with Edge Computing. CypressTel's self-developed SD-WAN product, OneWAN, supports containerized service deployment and serverless application deployment at the terminal SD-WAN edge. Enterprises can leverage these service resources for nearby processing of business applications, thereby reducing the computational load on core cloud applications. The upgraded cloud-network convergence solution enables flexible business scheduling and local rapid response, greatly improving application performance and scalability.

The third solution is the One2C Global Unified Cloud-Network Security Management and Operation Solution. One2C Global, an extension of CypressTel's self-developed SD-WAN product, offers one-click access to major public cloud platforms, including AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Azure, Salesforce, Office365, and IBM Cloud. It also innovatively integrates multiple SD-WAN controllers, such as Huawei, VeloCloud, OneWAN, and Hillstone, along with security functions from Sangfor and Zscaler, into a comprehensive cloud-network monitoring and management platform. Through deep collaboration with partners, CypressTel can provide hosted private digital ICT infrastructure management and operation monitoring SAAS application services.

CypressTel received the "Industry Contribution Award" at the 2022 SD-WAN & SASE Awards. The integration of CypressTel's self-developed SD-WAN product, OneWAN, with the One2C Global cloud connectivity product has provided a unified platform for cloud, network, and security management across multiple dimensions. This innovative approach has transformed the management of network domains from multiple SD-WAN brands into a true one-stop cloud-network convergence control platform. It promotes the convergence and development of the global network communication industry, enabling seamless interoperability among multiple products and brands.

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As an SD-WAN and network service provider, CypressTel is proud to have received this honor, which is a great recognition of its capabilities. Through this summit, CypressTel has gained insights into industry trends and engaged in in-depth discussions with top-tier vendors. CypressTel will collaborate with various stakeholders to drive the development and innovation of the SD-WAN industry.

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