Cross Borders E-commerce solutions based on GCP
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Influenced by the epidemic in 2020, large-scale consumers have been turning to online shopping, stimulating the rapid development of the global e-commerce retail industry. From the perspective of e-commerce retail, the e-commerce retail revenue in European and American area and Asia-Pacific area experienced a more than 15% rapid growth between 2019 and 2020.

Compared with other countries, Chinese cross-border e-commerce have unique advantages in policy, supply chain. Cross-border e-commerce generally has two forms. The first is to rely on third-party platforms, such as Amazon, where enterprises can take the advantages of the platforms to build their online shops.

The other form is e-commerce independent platforms, where e-commerce can independently design and operate, such as Global Ego. E-commerce can collect and analyze user information. How to maximize the use of user traffic is the most important part that needs to be considered and solved.The following paragraph will mainly discuss the independent platform.

At present, Chinese E-commerce is mainly aimed at developed countries, but emerging economies have immense growth potential, especially the Southeast Asia market. Therefore, China cross-border e-commerce is deployed in both region.


Although more and more Chinese Cross Border E-commerce has begun to realize the importance of user behavior, many enterprises have not implemented the deep mining of user needs.At the same time, technology, profit model and compliance are the most troublesome issues for cross-border e-commerce. Only by leaping into the new era of digital transformation as soon as possible can we better meet the comprehensive cloud-based digital e-commerce.

Choosing the appropriate cloud service provider can help enterprises easily establish a high performance and safe platform to gain the leading leadership without immense infrastructure investment.


Why Choose Google Cloud:

  •  Use Google's core infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning

  •  Secure and fully featured for all enterprises

  •  Maximize insights from your data with Google Cloud’s machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities.

  • Committed to open source and industry-leading price-performance

Why Choose CypressTel

  • CypressTel‘s OneWAN(SD-WAN) is SASE Architecture based, logical network that is built with overlay technology. 

  • Strategic consulting, managed services, and Cloud-based solutions are driving the digital innovation for many of our customers.

  • Help Cross Border E-commerce quickly build cross-border trade e-commerce platform, seamless docking third-party interface services;

  • CypressTel’s cloud manage service, based on its own data centers and global network, as well as an experienced team of cloud management service professionals, are designed to provide customers around the global with full lifecycle services such as consulting & design, deployment & migration, operation & maintenance management for public, private and hybrid clouds.


As the Google Cloud global partner, CypressTel actively serves Cross Border E-commerce, suppliers and buyers together, helping cross-border E-commerce to take off, selling goods all over the world.


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